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HomeKit Mini Smart Breaker: WiFi Switch with Timer Control

HomeKit Mini Smart Breaker: WiFi Switch with Timer Control

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This WiFi-enabled electric relay switch brings seamless control to your fingertips, allowing you to manage your home's electrical devices with ease.

Key Features:

  1. HomeKit Compatibility: Experience the convenience of integrating the Mini Smart Breaker with Apple HomeKit. Enjoy centralized control and monitoring of your connected devices through the Home app on your iOS devices.

  2. DIY Electric Relay: Designed for easy installation, this DIY-friendly electric relay switch empowers you to transform your home into a smart haven. Upgrade your existing electrical system with minimal effort and expertise.

  3. 16A Capacity: With a robust 16A capacity, the Mini Smart Breaker handles a variety of electrical devices, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for your smart home automation needs.

  4. 2-Way Wireless Automation: Enjoy the flexibility of two-way wireless automation, allowing you to control and monitor devices remotely. Create custom scenes, set schedules, and enhance your home's energy efficiency effortlessly.

  5. Timer Control: Take control of your devices' operating schedules with the built-in timer feature. Set specific times for devices to turn on or off, providing convenience and energy savings tailored to your daily routine.

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