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Tuya Smart Gateway/Hub - Multimode ZigBee Bluetooth Wifi

Tuya Smart Gateway/Hub - Multimode ZigBee Bluetooth Wifi

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Essential for ZigBee Devices: This hub links to various ZigBee smart Tuya WiFi products (sensors, lights, switches, etc., max 50), serving as the bridge and control center for all ZigBee devices.

Broad Compatibility: The ZigBee gateway hub supports Tuya WiFi and ZigBee 3.0 smart products, allowing customizable systems based on individual needs and security preferences.

Tuya App Control: Manage device additions, resets, third-party control, and group commands via the Tuya Smart App, offering remote control for your security kit system from anywhere.

Effortless Setup: The smart gateway hub requires no wiring and features a quick WiFi setup, suitable for any user with its mini, stylish design that complements any home decor.

Stable Wireless Networking: Ensure normal operation of connected devices with a stable and reliable WiFi signal covering a wide range.


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